About Wardwiz


Our Story

begins with the idea of founder and Global CEO Harald Suender to create a security software which offers all necessary features to fully protect a system at an affordable price for end users.

WardWiz was founded in 2014 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and opened up the South Asian market, where the brand has already climbed into the top three of the most sold and most popular security softwares within a very short time.

What is Wardwiz?

WardWiz is a security software "Made in Germany" for PCs and Smartphones. It offers a variety of innovative functions to secure the user's device at 360 degrees. This means that WardWiz not only protects against viruses or malware; users can also proactively protect their system and data with features such as the encryption tool or the Anti-Theft mode on mobile devices.

It is WardWiz's vision to offer its users the full range of innovative features at an attractive price and in an "all-in-one" package, so that there is no need for costly "upgrades" to protect a device beyond an Anti-Virus Scan – according to our philosophy "Because just an Anti-Virus is not enough".

Why should I use Wardwiz?

Many users think that all security softwares are more or less "the same" and distinguish only in price. In fact the opposite is the case and the differences are quite significant.

Here are some arguments for using WardWiz:

  • WardWiz does not sell any of your data.
  • WardWiz protects your data and stores only necessary information – on servers in Germany.
  • WardWiz works with the so-called "Zero-Day-Protection" – this means that your system is never unprotected at any time.
  • The employees of WardWiz support you personally in all questions concerning the software.
  • WardWiz offers an "All-In-One" package, which means that you do not need to make a costly upgrade to use all the features.
  • WardWiz is "Made in Germany".