How do I find my club?

Simply search under the find my club section. All clubs are listed in Alphabetical order.

Why are there no Premier League clubs?

Currently we feel that these clubs are not in the same financial position as the league and non league clubs and we hope that some of their fans will also chose a smaller local club to support here.

How many clubs are here? We have over 300 clubs on the site from the Championship right through to tier 7 of the pyramid.

What happens if I can’t find my club?

If your club resides in one of the divisions above then they will be on the site. If they are not and you wish to add the then please contact us with the name of your club and contact details for them.

Why should I donate?

Currently our clubs do not know when they will be back playing. Many, if not ALL of their income streams have stopped and may not fully return for some time. It is time for all of us fans to help if we can.

Will my funds go to my chosen club? Yes. If you donate £10 then 90% will go to your club. This % will increase the more you are able to donate.

Who are Wardwiz?

Wardwiz is a German cyber security provider with a complete range of certified products to keep you safe on line.

Why would I use mobile security?

Our mobiles now contain our complete digital lives. We use them for photos, surfing email and even banking yet we generally have no protection. Cyber crime has increased over 400% since the lockdown so there is no better time than now to start securing all your devices.

How will I receive my free software?

Once you have completed your donation you will receive an automated mail with your activation key and a guide as to how to download the software from the relevant App store.

What happens after the two month trial expires?

Before the end of the trial period you will receive an email from the Wardwiz team advising you that your subscription will be starting. This will be charged at just £2 plus VAT per month. Please be aware that 50% of this will be donated to your chosen club. It is hoped that we can provide a great product and a sustainable revenue for the clubs.